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A Response to: 'Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25' →

Over on NextGen Journal, a young woman named Cathryn Sloane has kicked up a lot of dialog with a blog post entitled, “Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25.” In it, she complains about companies that post social media job openings “looking for five to ten years of direct experience” and asserts that “the candidates who are in fact best suited for the position actually aren’t old enough to have that much experience.”

Death to retail: The rise of the online-only brand →

This second generation of e-commerce achieves better margins, stronger brands, and lower prices, all through verticalization. By bringing everything in-house, they achieve better margins on lower prices.

Is engagement email marketing finally here? →

How engaged with your brand are the majority of your database contacts? This fundamental question should determine how your entire emarketing communications strategy is structured.

Why is Australia so backward with digital? →

Why on earth are advertisers so reluctant to embrace digital advertising in Australia? It’s bizarre and quite strange. The reality is online revenue has already become a proved stream of marketing and revenue overseas…yet here in Australia some people are still digging their heels in. It is baffling.

Is a Community Manager a Community Member? →

Community Managers have the interesting and unique position in a company of straddling a very thin line that most employees never cross. Customer Support works with customers, but it’s a very clear line. Usually the flow of communication is very simple – a customer contacts customer support with an issue. Then customer support helps that customer with said issue. It’s very 1 to 1 and reactive. However, a community manager inserts themselves into the daily lives of their customers/users/members and becomes proactive. They get out in front of the eight ball. They get to know their members whether they are actively engaging them, or whether they’re just listening to conversation. They’re entire job is to have their finger on the pulse of that community.

Why You Need Facebook Ads Despite What GM Says →

The unequivocal consensus among brands - large, small, national, and local alike - is that there’s value to advertising on social media sites. It’s 2001 all over again, only this time it isn’t paid search advertising that’s on everyone’s lips but a more interactive approach to reaching consumers that promises to have just as much staying power.

The full-service agency is dead. Long live the full-service agency →

Given the rate of change in our industry, now is a good time to be thinking about the future of the service offering (creative, media, digital, search, social, PR etc.) to client partners.

Social Media Customer Service Faces a High Bar →

Almost half of online customers expect brands to provide customer service on Facebook

Real cost of the smartphone revolution →

The smartphone market is expanding at an astonishing rate, but is it damaging creativity and innovation on the web?

MAY 29TH, 2012How to structure your culture for innovation →

When you start a new job, you’re an outsider. It’s just how it is. And the thing about being an outsider is that you have to size up situations quickly to work out how to be a little… well, less on the outside. Is the culture you’re entering incredibly hierarchical and dogmatic? Is it a wild free-for-all? Is bad behavior tolerated – or, even, encouraged? Are there social and intellectual pecking orders within departments? Do departments themselves sit in a pecking order? What’s the attitude toward long hours? The list goes on. But, as time passes, the answers reveal themselves and you either like them or you become an outsider somewhere else.